What is the Saucekers?

The Saucekers is the Oscars for BBQ Sauce.  


It’s the Ultimate BBQ Sauce Competition.

Congratulations to our 2017 Winners and See You Next Year.

From the founder of BBQSauceReviews.com, the Saucekers exists to help smaller BBQ sauce makers get attention in a tough industry. We are ready to tell the world about your sauce to our large email list, 4400+ Facebook fans and 4200+ Twitter followers – everyone from small town lovers to big time BBQ chefs and bloggers are on our list.  The Saucekers Competition gets your sauce on the map and every entry we receive gets posted on the front on the BBQ Sauce Reviews Facebook page!


16 thoughts on “What is the Saucekers?”

  1. Every competition has a Fruit category. Tomato, Vinegar, Mustard and Fruit? Putting the fruit base sauces in a specialty category isn’t fair. The American Royal, the NBBQA Sauce excellence awards, as well as most of the state level sauce competitions all have Fruit sauces……Your missing out in a lot of potential Revenue.

  2. Hello,
    My name is Kelsea director of marketing for Gourmet Warehouse. We would like to enter our company in the BBQ sauce contest, how would proceed?

    Thank you,
    Kelsea Fich

  3. I make bb sauce for my family and friends how can I enter my receipt and what are the requirements and dead line.

    Ms. Lizz

  4. Hello, Mu name is Kiwanna Ford, & I Live in San Antonio Tx..
    How do I get My Homemade BBQ Sauce I Named “Kiwanna’s Original Tigresse Blood BBQ Sauce” entered into your Contest? I Have (Sweet & Spicy, & Sweet & Mild)
    I know for sure, that I have a Winner Sauce, & would Love for you to try it..
    Where do I send My Sauces?
    Please let me know,
    Thank You:)

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