Saucekers Awards and Prizes

Brought to you by, the contest exists to help smaller BBQ sauce makers get attention in a tough market.  We are ready to tell the world about your sauce to our large email list, 4351+ Facebook fans and 4182+ Twitter followers – everyone from small town lovers to big time BBQ chefs and bloggers.  The Saucekers Competition gets your sauce on the map – every entry we receive gets posted on the front on the BBQ Sauce Reviews Facebook page!

In addition, the Sauceker’s gives some amazing awards too.   1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each category will receive certificates and medals. This year we also decided to do some cash prizes to each first place winner AND give back to Operation BBQ.

All winners receive front page placement on BBQ Sauce Reviews for a year. All winners are linked from the BBQ Sauce Reviews website and will receive significant promotion on the site. All winners are entitled to showcase the Saucekers logos on the labels, publications, and websites of winning products.